Continuing Tai Chi

Taiji (or T’ai chi) is a martial art that began hundreds of years ago in China, and has evolved into a very powerful discipline for improving physical fitness, flexibility, and mental health. Sometimes called “meditation in motion”, Taiji is a complete physical, mental, and emotional development system that is based on the Asian principles of Yin-Yang, Qi (or Ch’i: energy or vitality, pronounced “chee”), relaxation, mind-body connections, and coordination. It takes a lifetime to master this art, but with the right perseverance and dedication, progress can be achieved at any time, and at any age. A key to learning Taiji is to learn how to improve the amount and circulation of Qi in the body through Qigong (or Ch’i kung) practices. These techniques are practiced by tens of millions of people throughout the world.

In a continuing class, you can learn and practice a range of Qigong exercises, and learn the postures of a Taiji form.